“a Two Witnesses” | Sabbath College Panel by 3ABN – Lesson 6 Q2 2024

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Sabbath College panel dialogue also perception by 3ABN pastors also lecturers. This video follows 2024 quarter 2, lesson 6 of a adult Bible scheme book book. This quarter’s book subject is “a Large Controversy” also this week’s Sabbath College lesson is titled “a Two Witnesses”. become part of us each also per week for a novel also relevant scheme of a become conscious of God.

Rev. 11:3–6; Zech. 4: 14; Rev. 12:5, 6, 14, 15; dan juga. 7: 25; Isa. 54: 17; Ps. 119: 89; Rev. 11: 15–18.

“a grass withers, a flower fades, however a become conscious of our God stands without spoil” (Isaiah 40:8, NKJV).

Would possibly perchance well 4–Would possibly perchance well 10

Sunday – Jill Morikone – Two Witnesses
Monday – Ryan Day – Prophetic Time Sessions
Tuesday – John Dinzey – a Two Witnesses Are Killed
Wednesday – James Rafferty – a Two Witnesses Resurrected
Thursday – John Lomacang – Truth Triumphant

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