LAST DAY of Sekolah Terbaru LUNCH 2024! *10 KiDS SWAP DiETS*

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LAST DAY OF Sekolah Terbaru 10 KiDS SWAP Sekolah Terbaru LUNCH!! Planning also prep for my HUGE, Mega, Gigantic family! Procuring for lunch baggage, bento containers, also groceries! Right this our poke! #schoollunchideas #mealplanning #ColdLunch #Swapdiets #2024


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Welcome to a NEN FAM! our Publish a NEW video every SATURDAY! Which youre’ll apply our VLOG Channel known as Now now not Ample Nelsons! our are a monumental family of 18! our consistently ranking asked within a event that they are all ours!!? 7 are natural also 9 are adopted! SO YES!! THEY ARE ALL OURS!! our particular admire each one amongst our 16 kiddos! our hope youre revel inside our videos! our has had a blast filming them! (another than for a occasional meltdowns) Put together alongside side our crazy family challenges!

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