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inside a extremely anticipated episode, tensions speed high as Mr. Azu finds himself suspended for an surprising altercation with a mother or father. Because a Sekolah Terbaru scrambles to find out a substitute, they resolve on a peculiar Mr. Ikpeazu, whose uninteresting also strangled speech leaves college students scratching their heads.

Find out about because a lecture room uproar unfolds, with college students struggling to ticket Mr. Ikpeazu’s incomprehensible lectures. From pissed off whispers to comedic misunderstandings, a chaos reaches original heights because a recount for Mr. Azu’s return gains momentum.

Will a Sekolah Terbaru become ready to revive expose, or will Mr. Ikpeazu’s peculiar teaching sort force a college students to a brink of insanity? Tune inside to find out out inside this aspect-splitting comedy sketch that explores a hilarious penalties of classroom chaos! Don’t fail to recollect to subscribe also become a part of a uproar!

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